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Private Esha Surgical Medical Center Private Esha Surgical Medical Center

Private Esha Surgical Medical Center

  • Health Complex in Kagithane

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About “Private Esha Surgical Medical Center”

Located in Kagithane, Istanbul, the private Esha Surgical Medical Center provides services in many areas of medical units with a complex medical service. The Medical Center, which offers surgical and outpatient services, has competent and experienced physicians and health workers in its field. From the emergency department to the Aesthetic Center, there are many medical departments and a versatile and solution-oriented service approach. High-quality and patient-oriented health services are provided with the compliance of medical devices with the latest technology. It also offers preventive and therapeutic methods in the field of early diagnosis and Complementary Medicine in patients ‘ diseases with its understanding of Preventive Medicine. Assay methods such as endoscopy and colonoscopy, which benefit to diagnose internal diseases, are also applied in the center.


Internal Medicine

Upper and lower respiratory tract diseases, rheumatic diseases, allergic symptoms and diseases, intestinal diseases, diabetes, syndrome of police, high blood pressure, diarrhea, and damage to internal organs such as constipation, all diseases are treated in this volume.

General Surgery

Goiter, hypothyroidism, types of breast cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, bowel disease, and various types of cancer, colon-rectal tumors, and the treatment of many diseases such as liver diseases are examined with surgery and outpatient medical.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Joint and muscle diseases, hip dislocation, heel spur, joint pain and trauma, bone fracture, bone inflammation, joint calcification, meniscus, nerve compression, rheumatism and hernias are treated and surgical intervention is the department.

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation

It is the department where structural or subsequent problems occurring in the musculoskeletal system are treated by outpatient or physical therapy methods.. In the unit, walking difficulties, sports injuries, osteoporosis, rheumatic diseases are treated. Doctors in the field of rehabilitation apply rehabilitation treatments to patients in diseases caused by orthopedic and neurological disorders.

Urology – stone crushing ESWL

Treatment of tumors and disorders that occur in the urinary tract of men and women, bladder diseases and reproductive organs of men is the part where the treatment of diseases of the adrenal glands is performed. Kidney stones, ureteral stones, bladder stones and Peyroni disease are studied using a method called ESWL.

Child Health and diseases

Diagnosis and treatment of many diseases such as systemic diseases, internal diseases, infectious diseases that occur in infants and children is carried out in the process that starts from the newborn unit and lasts until puberty. Many complementary and preventive treatments are also carried out in the unit, such as vaccine monitoring, nutrition training, and the recommendation of immune enhancers.

Endoscopy and colonoscopy

Endoscopy method is used for abnormal bleeding, abdominal pain, nausea and heartburn, ulcer complaints, difficulty swallowing and swallowing. In the colonoscopy method used to examine the rectum and large intestine, diseases such as intestinal diverticulum, intestinal inflammation and cancer are diagnosed.


In the department that deals with complaints about head and neck disorders, larynx, mouth, nasal tract, nose, sinuses, upper pharynx and salivary glands, diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose and throat diseases are performed. Nose surgery is performed for shortness of breath, nasal flesh.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Periodic gynecology examinations, breast and uterine diseases, hormonal disorders, menstrual disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome, chocolate cyst, cervical cancer, such as many diseases are diagnosed and treated. Blood tests, HPV testing, ultrasound and Smear tests are also applied to patients for cancer screenings. Pregnancy follow-up and births of women diagnosed with pregnancy are also performed.

Nutrition and diet

Childhood nutrition, pregnancy nutrition, oncological Nutrition, athlete nutrition, weight gain, weight loss, eating disorders, such as many Nutrition Monitoring and control situations that require nutrition and diet program is provided with expert dietitian. A healthy and balanced diet plan can be applied with these personalized diet lists.


In the Department of skin, hair, skin and venereal diseases, eczema, fungus, scalp diseases, itching diseases, acne, vitiligo, psoriasis, gestational skin diseases, skin cancers and many diseases such as follow-up are diagnosed and treated.

Aesthetic Center

Many aesthetic applications such as eyebrow lifting, tummy tuck, botox are performed in the correction of congenital or subsequent shape and function disorders in organs such as nose, jaw, and breast. It is a clinic where methods performed accompanied by a specialist doctor are applied to give an aesthetic appearance.


It is an imaging center where the underlying lesions of diseases are determined in the unit where the internal structure of the body is displayed using technological devices. MRI, ultrasound, mammography, Computed Tomography are imaging devices used to diagnose many diseases.


It is a unit in which blood, urine, gaita and internal body fluids taken from the body are analyzed and analyzed in a laboratory environment. Preliminary diagnosis of many diseases is made by these laboratory tests.

Operating room

Plastic surgery, surgical interventions of diseases, accidents, etc. in the bleeding that occurs in the body, it is the area where surgical methods applied to prevent the loss of life functions are applied. In this unit, which is a surgical method, a more painless procedure is performed with local, general or regional anesthetics applied to patients.

Emergency Department 24/7

At the entrance to the service, it is decided whether to switch to the emergency response rooms after triage operations according to the condition of the disease. In emergencies and traumatic accidents, the necessary interventions are carried out continuously for 24/7 hours until the patient’s condition is stabilized.

Home Health Services

It is a unit where disabled citizens who are bed dependent or have mobility restrictions, patients involved in the rehabilitation process, patients whose access to the hospital due to old age are difficult to access continue their care and treatment at home.