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Turkey’s Most popular Ways for Health Tourism

Turkey’s Most popular Ways for Health Tourism

  • 5 March 2021
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Turkey is where civilizations crossroads on both of the cultural and geographical aspects. Connecting the continents of Asia and Europe, Turkey became the bridge that connects these cultures, as well being very developed country in the healthcare sector. With both of the state owned and private owned establishments’ efforts the healthcare institutes are getting high quality healthcare workers, and latest developed technology regarding this field. Therefore Turkey became one of the most favored countries on both of the mental and physical aspects. Especially Istanbul, that has become one of Turkey’s and Europe’s most important healthcare tourism destinations. Istanbul that can be identified as the center of health, economy, sports and media also a home for a lot of health institutions. That is why for this article we would like to introduce you Turkeys’ most favored cities in the health tourism sector. But before that we must make the health tourism term clear for you.

Why Turkey is so popular in the health tourism sector?

Why Turkey is so popular in the health tourism sector? To be simple as possible health tourism is going to another country for treatment or to get a healthcare service. Generally, health tourism can also be defined as people going to a country that provides a service that can’t be found in the private health institutions found in their own country. But this definition also is up to debate, that’s why currently citizens of developed nations in Europe and America prefer lower cost developing nations. That’s why when it comes to health tourism lower cost, less waiting times come at the top of the list.

So, why Turkey is a very important health tourism center?

Turkey is one of the world’s top 20 favored countries for health tourism. Based on 2018 statistics, 700.000 foreign patients preferred Turkey for getting services in health tourism. And this number is very important because it shows us that getting a health services is the main reasons for 1 of every 3 people visiting Turkey. So, we can summarize it like this: An economic healthcare system, the existence of an internationally accredited hospitals and healthcare institutions, high quality medical education and training in Turkey, and having internationally respected and well-known doctors and more…… All of this and adding Turkey’s natural and historical beauty understanding the reasons behind Turkey being favored becomes easier. Now let us analyze some of Turkey’s most favored cities in health tourism.


health tourism in istanbul Known as Turkey’s heart Istanbul is a city with population that goes to more than 15 million and one of world’s most important metropolises. In Istanbul there is 55 public hospital, 106 private hospital, 5 university hospitals, and hundreds of private clinics. Big part of these hospitals has the Joint Commission International (JCI) (LINK) Certificate. In other way big part of Istanbul’s hospitals provide service at a world’s standard quality with a very high and developed technology. And we can list some Istanbul’s hospitals like this:
  • Acibadem Hospital Taksim
  • LIV Hospital
  • Alman Hospital
  • Sisli Hospital Florence Nightingale
  • Medicana International Hospital
  • American Hospital
  • Medical Park Bahcelievler
  • Yeditepe University Hospital
With developed technology and international high-quality standards also, Turkey has internationally recognized and respected doctors, for example known as the “Century’s Neurosurgeon”  Prof. Dr. GaziYasargil, working at Yeditepe University Hospital Finally, we can say safely that Istanbul is one of the world’s most important cities in hair transplantations and aesthetic surgeries sectors. Especially in hair transplantations finding a city that have a specialized better doctor and a better pricing policy is quite difficult.


health tourism in antalya Antalya is Turkey most visited second city by tourists after Istanbul, and also being Mediterranean’s one of the important Holiday/Vacation spots. Also, having beaches that can be entered 12 months of the year as well as mountains cover with pine trees forests, and more than 400 five stars hotels Antalya is also, a perfect city for health and nature tourism. In Antalya there are 3 public hospitals, 15 private hospitals, and a lot of private clinics. For example, Prof. Dr. Omer Ozkan who made the world’s first uterine transplantation from cadaver that is currently continuing his work in the city of Antalya. And we can’t go by without saying that the Medical Park Hospital of the city has the JCI International Accreditation. Being visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year Antalya is a city that always pleases it visitors on both the health and nature aspects.


health tourism in izmir Turkey’s third biggest city, and Aegean’s one of the most important cities. Having 14 public hospital, 3 university hospital, and 11 private hospital Izmir also, has a lot of spas and thermal facilities. Izmir also has a lot of holiday/vacation spots used in modern medicine that can provide psychological treatment after the physical one thus providing you with a full health pack. For example, Cesme area that is 90 kilometers from the city center is one the Aegean’s most popular holiday/vacation spots. Every year Cesme hosts hundreds of thousands of foreign and national tourists as well as other holiday/vacation hot spots that we can count like Alacati, Urla, Karaburun. Izmir Also is home to an uncountable amount of antique Greece’s remnants in it borders thus becoming one of both the Aegean and Mediterranean seas cities’ in nature, history, and health tourism.

Black Sea Area (Samsun-Trabzon-Rize)

health tourism in black sea The black sea area or known as the oxygen tank of Turkey also, is a home of a lot of health care institutes in Turkey. In these cities beside the full equipped public hospitals there are a lot of private hospitals and private clinics. Medicana Samsun, LIV hospital Samsun, and Medical Park Trabzon are among the area’s highest quality hospitals. With it being a home to some of Turkey’s paradise like places like the green forests and its epic plateaus it attracts a lot of Tourists from areas and countries like Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.
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