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The Best Eye Health Services in Turkey

The Best Eye Health Services in Turkey

  • 4 March 2021
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Turkey is known for being one of the best countries in a lot of fields, one of them is the eye health (Optical Services). For it being one of the most important and sensitive fields for humanity, since a lot of people consider their eyesight the most important sense out of all, that’s why showing care and value comes in the first place. In these last years Turkey has made itself a reputation in the eyesight services field as one of the best. Especially when The Eye hospitals is getting equipped with the most developed technological devices as well as having doctors and specialists that are capable of adapting to the newly provided equipment, so that the patients would be greatly satisfied with the service. Therefore we present to you some of Turkey’s best areas.

Cataract Surgeries

cataract surgery Cataract: is a process related to aging that affects eyesight greatly. Cataract happens when the transparency of the eye lens is reduced or clouded and as time passes may cause a complete loss of the eyesight. In our current day those who have problems such as long-sightedness and short-sightedness (myopia), double vision, headaches, sudden change in glass measurements, light sensitivity, color vision deficiency can be treated as well. For inconvenience that need a surgical treatment early diagnoses are very important, since late ones could cause a longer healing period as well as deficiency in the treatment. In Turkey latest technological devices is used in cataract surgeries therefore operations are completely stitch-free, also patients can be immediately discharged after the operation safely.

Laser Surgeries

laser surgery For eye operations in the last 10 years all around the globe laser operations are among the most popular ones. As for patients who have myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism and don’t want to wear glasses or put eye contacts can also be treated with laser operations, currently laser operations can be done painlessly and very efficiently. For the mentioned operations also known as (GözÇizdirme/LASIK) in Turkey there is a lot of different technological ways and treatment that can be decided based on eye condition and the budget of the patient that can be applied with the help of the doctors and specialists. One of the most developed treatments currently is Smile Technology with Smile Technology operation lasts only for five minutes and the patient can have his sight back as quickly as 3-4 hours Laser operations can be done for all those who are older than 18 years and have a corneal, eye and body structure fit for the operation, Turkey has the most developed technology as well as doctor known all worldwide in this field.

Lazy Eye (Amblyopia / Dull Eye)

lazy eye Lazy eye or as it is known for its other name amblyopia even though it is not a structural condition it affects eyesight but it is a rare condition. With the current technology in case of early diagnoses it can be treated without loss in eyesight as well as greatly increasing the patients’ vision quality. Since this condition starts developing at the ages of 6 months for babies and between the ages of 6-8 years for children the family has a big role to play, early diagnoses as well as early treatment is extremely important for the efficiency.  

Yellow-Spot (Yellow Point)

yellow point Known also as age related macular degeneration the yellow spot disease is generally genetically transferred; it is especially seen in population over 55 years affecting their life quality, smoking, drinking alcohol, bad diet or bad eating habits, and disturbed sleeping may worsen the case of the disease. This condition starts by some damage occurring in the macula area in the eye , macula is part of the retina at the back of the eye it helps our eyes to see and identify details for example putting the tip of thread into the needle having any damage in the macula area would prevent a person from seeing it clearly thus be incapable of doing it. Also, any damage to the macula area may cause black spots in the vision thus affecting the daily life activities, in case of early diagnoses it can be treated. In the last years this condition became popular in Turkey, causing development of treatment methods and ways for patients to live their lives normally.  

Strabismus (Crossed-Eyes)

crossed eyes Strabismus is a condition known worldwide, it happens when the eye don’t align together or look at different ways at the same time also, preventing the eyes from synchronizing together. It usually starts developing in babies and in case of not treating it as early as possible it may cause problem on both physical and social level. If an eye specialist gets involved at the right time with the treatment the child eyesight as well as his life quality would be increased greatly. For more info you can consult with pediatric departments in any eye hospital in Turkey. the best eye health services in turkey
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