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Izmir’s Most Prominent Hospitals

Izmir is Turkey’s third biggest city, as well as being one of the most popular in the health tourism sector. Providing some of the most developed services and being a cost city at the same time it provides foreign patients a lot of options.

Satisfying the attention, it is getting from both foreign and national tourists, as well as having very unique services and facilities is what makes it deserve this attention to it’s out most.

Therefore we are presenting you with a list of Izmir’s most popular hospitals.

Private Izmir City Hospital

Private Izmir City Hospital

Private Izmir City Hospital was founded in 2004 by the Cooperation of Aegean businessmen,

And it has been on the stage since day one because of quality of the services it is providing. Serving its patients with the motto of “The Hospital where hard work is done”, and bringing the high-quality services of university hospitals to its patients. Also, this establishment has a staff that contains Izmir’s best doctors.

Being a hospital that operates surgeries in specialties that need experience as well as high quality doctors like organ transplantation and aorta surgeries, and with this success getting the attention of foreign patients. Every year it welcomes patients from a lot of different countries.

Izmir private city hospital is also known for defining a “golden standard” in the medical field, and was seen fit for accreditation certificate of the (JCI) by the world’s most important accreditation institute the Joint Commission International. Also, the hospital has an agreement with three American insurance companies (Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and Cigna).

And we can’t pass without mentioning the success of the operations in Cancer treatment field. Especially making itself a name in the Oncology branch, the hospital is exerting a huge effort to keep the patient’s satisfaction rate at its highest.

For more info about the hospital and it’s services: https://www.kentsaglikgrubu.com/

Private Gazi Hospital

Private Gazi Hospital

Taking its name from the founder of the Republic of Turkey Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, it was founded in the year of 2002 in Izmir. Providing services with a 17 intensive care beds and 94 normal bed and with a total capacity of 111 bed, it stands out with the quality of its services in a lot of branches.

Meeting its patients with the motto of “Advanced Technology, Happy Face, and Economic Prices policy”, the establishment everyday adds new investments to ensure patient satisfaction.

Taking place in Alsancak one of Izmir’s central locations, and due to its location Gazi Hospital is providing a solution for one of the most important topics for international patients which is accommodation. Alsancak where the cities’ most prestigious hotels are located. Provides a lot of accommodation options for international patients.

For more info on the hospital and its services: https://gazihastanesi.com/

Private Izmir Economy University Medical Park Hospital

Private Izmir Economy University Medical Park Hospital

Established on a total area of 46.000 square meter, Izmir Economy University Medical Park Hospital is serving its patients with 10 beds for disabled patients and 291 patient bed.

The hospital has 7 general surgery rooms, 2 cardiovascular surgery rooms, 4 delivery rooms and 1 Ophthalmology intervention room, showing its difference with its full – fledged hospital services. The hospital is Also, titled to being the Aegean area’s biggest private hospital.

It stands out in fields like Oncology, bone marrow, organ transplantation, and it continues its investments in the organ transplantation sector to stay ahead in it in Turkey.

For more info on the hospital and its services: https://www.medicalpark.com.tr/izmir-hastanesi/h-9

Private Izmir Hayat Hospital

Private Izmir Hayat Hospital

Located in Konak one of Izmir’s Central counties, the hospital is especially standing out with its services in the fields of gynecological diseases and delivery.

Providing its services in the field of Child health and diseases, the hospital is keeping the patient satisfaction at the highest levels with the services it provides in the prenatal and postnatal period.

For more info on the hospital and its services: http://izmirhayathastanesi.com/index.html

Private Ege City Hospital

Private Ege City Hospital

Ege city hospital is standing out for the inclusive services it provides with being fully equipped, having a capacity of 107 bed, and its birth delivery service. The hospital which also keep an obstetrician on duty/call until 22:00/10:00 pm every day of the week, is always ready to meet the needs of every pregnant woman.

Ege City Hospital is Also serving international patients with its 6 fully equipped surgery rooms, 2 Delivery rooms, 3 intensive care units with the capacity of 31 beds for newborns and Adults, and 39 clinic room.

Turkey isn’t only successful in the essential health services field but also, hair transplantation and aesthetic operation fields as well. Private Ege City Hospital also, has a hair transplantation center that operates on need.

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