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Hospitals That are Providing Accommodation in Turkey

Turkey is a country with large hospitals that are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, specialist doctors and health workers, and with a capacity of more than 250,000 beds throughout the country. Therefore, Turkey is a country that receives high health tourism demand from both domestic patients and international patients.
Thanks to the contributions of the state and private initiatives; high-quality medical personnel and high-tech medical institutions play a major role in the country’s achievements in the health tourism field. The Ministry of Health also continues to provide solutions to the accommodation problems of patients and their relatives after the first intervention, based on the fact that Turkey is a popular country for health tourism. Therefore, we have compiled a list of institutions that combine medical services and accommodation services in the country for you.

Medical Park Hospitals

Medical Park Hospitals | Acommodation Service in Turkey
Medical Park Group, the largest hospital chain in Turkey, helps patients and their companions who come to the hospital for treatment through the “International Patient Services” service to arrange hotels where they can stay during their visit to the country. In this way, patients and their relatives can stay at more affordable prices in hotels contracted by Medical Park Health Group. Special care is also taken to ensure that the hotel is located close to the hospital where the patient is being treated.
For more information about the hospital, go to: Medical Park Ankara Hospital

Medipol Hospitals

Medipol Hospitals | Acommodation Service
Medipol Hospitals, one of the largest medical groups in Turkey, also offers special services for their patients’ visa, urban transportation, airport welcoming, and accommodation needs. The hospital allows patients and their relatives to stay in contracted hotels at affordable prices. In addition to issues such as organizing doctor and analysis appointments, organizing travel and accommodation, a translator support is also provided so that patients and their companions do not have communication difficulties.
For more information about the hospital, go to: Istanbul Medipol Hospital

Anadolu Health Center

Anadolu Health Center
The Anadolu Health Center, which is one of the establishments in Turkey that serves the most foreign patients, provides services for all kinds of needs of international patients.
Apart from common languages like English; the hospital is also serving its patients with interpreters who speak languages such as Romanian, Russian, Persian, Arabic, Chinese, Albanian, Bulgarian, Georgian, and Kazakh, so the hospital manages to make a difference in this field.
Having JCI (Joint Commission International) Accreditation and ESMO (European Society of Medical Oncology) certification, the hospital also supports accommodation arrangements for its patients who come to the country for health purposes.
According to figures shared by the hospital administration, the center serves an average of 500 international patients per month and hosts patients from Bulgaria, Romania, Iraq, Russia, and former Soviet countries the most. Comprehensive patient services (translation, accommodation, transfer, etc.) also show how much the hospital deserves this attention.
For more information about the hospital, go to: https://www.anadolusaglik.org/

Hair of Istanbul

Hair of Istanbul | Acommodation Service Hospital
Hair of Istanbul is a health center that has been serving in the field of hair transplantation since 2013. The center is welcoming foreign patients from more than 100 different countries around the world every year, the center also provides high-level patient satisfaction with the different services it offers.
Hair of Istanbul reveals a difference by offering its patients a V.I.P. service policy. In the Crowne Plaza Florya Hotel; services such as accommodation, visa, passport procedures, airport-hotel-hospital transfers, and coordination with the hospital are provided by the hair transplantation center. The institution also provides consulting services for touristic trips.
For more information about Hair of Istanbul, go to: https://www.hoi.health/
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ClinicPlast | Acommodation servide hospitals in Turkey
ClinicPlast, which is named as one of the best Aesthetic Surgery clinics in Istanbul, has been serving for more than 15 years in the field of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery. The establishment philosophy of the clinic located in Nisantasi, one of the most popular districts of Istanbul, is based on the principle of the “Golden Ratio”.
The clinic, which has been serving patients from many different countries for many years, offers special services, especially for international patients. ClinicPlast, which provides accommodation and city transportation to its international patients, also performs the same procedure for the patient’s companion. Besides, the patient and his / her companion have the opportunity to stay in comfortable rooms in the building owned by Clinicplast.