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Hospitals of Turkey That Attract Attention With Their Architecture

Turkey is a country that makes people talk about itself because of its medical breakthroughs. This success is attributed to both the well-trained specialist doctor professionals and the infrastructure investments made in the field of health.

New hospitals and health institutions, based on the principle of improving the human body, also attract attention with their architectural designs. Of course, while shifting design and aesthetic elements to a medical institution, extra care is required, as functionality in hospital structures is a crucial requirement. It is safe to assume that health organizations operating in Turkey in recent years have effectively merged architecture and functionality. In this article, we will tell you about several public and private hospitals in Turkey that are notable for their architecture.

LIV Hospital – Ankara & Istanbul

LIV Hospital

LIV Hospital, which operates in four different cities, especially in Istanbul and Ankara, has a total closed area of 100.000 square meters. LIV Hospital is a health group that stands out with its modern hospital buildings inspired by the human body, as well as the quality health services it provides.

Liv Hospital, which welcomes you with a spacious atmosphere as soon as you step in the door, immediately changes the image of the hospital in people’s minds. As patients walk through the doors of the LIV Hospital, they feel as if they’ve arrived at a five-star hotel.

Organic, delicate, and rounded framework lines stand out in the building designed by Architect Fikret Gunay. In other words, this structure, which is influenced by cell self-renewal and tissue interaction mechanisms, represents the situation in the human cells.

Liv Hospital, which is the outcome of an organic aesthetic idea, uses intelligent technology anywhere from the consultation table to the elevator doors, from the furniture in the patient rooms to the restrooms. LED lighting systems with high energy efficiency and sensors, for example, are used. A natural light environment is created inside the hospital by ensuring that the lighting is indirect. Depending on the situation, the speed of escalators increases or decreases. Liv Hospital Ankara and LIV Hospital Istanbul, which utilize a range of smart technologies, are excellent examples of environmental hospitalization.

Acibadem Taksim Hospital – Istanbul

Acıibadem Taksim Hospital

Acibadem Health Group, Turkey’s largest private healthcare provider, is a significant shareholder, with investments across the country aimed at achieving world-class health services. Acibadem Taksim Hospital, with a closed area of 25.000 square meters, is a modern hospital that blends nature and greenery, offering the feeling of walking through a botanical garden.

With its elegant architecture, Acibadem Taksim Hospital, which has fifteen floors, is a place where everyone would want to turn and look again in Istanbul’s Sisli-Taksim district. You can see pictures of the famous Turkish painter Devrim Erbil along the hospital’s corridors, which provides a peaceful atmosphere with light music playing when you enter the hospital, the use of natural materials, and color choices that calm the human soul.

The hospital’s patient rooms and waiting areas, all of which have a high-ceiling structure that is fully daylight-filled, make people forget they are in a hospital. The hospital’s architectural structure is a source of pride for Turkey; with 106 beds, 15 intensive care units, 2 maternity wards, 33 outpatient clinics, and all experienced specialist doctor staff.

Ankara City Hospital – Ankara

Ankara City Hospital

The Ankara City Hospital, also known as Bilkent Integrated Health Campus, is one of Europe’s largest medical institutions. The hospital, which covers an area of 1.2 million square meters, has a total of 3662 beds. Bilkent City Hospital has many conference rooms, masjids, libraries, sports halls, and open offices, and is built with the logic of a university campus.

With a large staff of doctors, Bilkent City Hospital, which meets all of the criteria of the modern age, is a medical institution built with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. It offers healing to all forms of spiritual and physical ailments.

Also, a stop of the Ankara Metro is located very close to Bilkent City Hospital. As for transportation purposes, we can also note that the hospital was well established at an ideal point.

Okmeydani Teaching and Research Hospital – Istanbul

Okmeydani Teaching and Researching Hospital

Okmeydani Teaching and Research Hospital, which was demolished and renovated to be earthquake-resistant, is a full-fledged hospital that conducts 45.000 operations and serves 1.5 million patients annually.

The hospital, which has a capacity of 1000 single and double beds, is built to meet all of the needs of patients, visitors, and companions by providing the luxury of a five-star hotel.

The hospital has 385 seismic isolators and was designed from the ground up to withstand a potential major Istanbul earthquake. The insulators in question minimize the magnitude of earthquakes by 90%. Furthermore, with solar panels installed on the hospital’s roof and around the campus, the hospital’s energy needs are expected to be met at a rate of up to 100%.

The building also has charging stations for battery-powered vehicles, as well as a focus on energy efficiency and waste management. Okmeydani Teaching and Research Hospital is Turkey’s first “Leed Gold” accredited state hospital. The Leed Gold certification is an international standard that verifies which buildings and interiors are planned, constructed, and maintained in compliance with environmentally friendly and sustainable standards.