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Private Op. Dr. Fatih Mehmet Hanege Clinic Private Op. Dr. Fatih Mehmet Hanege Clinic

Private Op. Dr. Fatih Mehmet Hanege Clinic

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About “Private Op. Dr. Fatih Mehmet Hanege Clinic”

Fatih Mehmet Hanege, born in 1984, received his university education at the CAPA medical faculty in Istanbul. While a medical student, he received training in plastic surgery in Latvia and Slovenia. He was an assistant at the Department of Otolaryngology, Faculty of Medicine, and Istanbul Civilization University. He then went to Giresun for mandatory duty. After his compulsory post, he continued his career as an assistant professor at Istanbul Civilization University. He worked as a faculty member in 2 semesters of internship responsibility in Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, and 1 year in Semester 5 assistant coordinator duties at Istanbul civilization University Faculty of Medicine. As of 2019, he continues to give patients a variety of aesthetic areas, especially in his private practice.


Functional Rhinoplasty

This aesthetic method, also called septorinopathy, eliminates the problems that occur in the airway in the nose during aesthetic nose operations.

Filling Operations

Plastic surgery is a procedure performed with small touches that do not require a procedure. Lip fillers, Botox (brow, forehead, goose feet), light fillers under the eyes, cheekbones fillers are applied.


This procedure, called functional endoscopic sinus surgery, is performed for patients with chronic sinusitis. Polyp kr. It is an operation performed by providing appropriate conditions for sinusitis patients.

Radio frequency

This treatment, which is Endoscopic Concha surgery, is intended to treat lower Concha hypertrophies observed in patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis by radio frequency method. With this surgical method, sedation is applied and the operation is performed under surgical conditions.

Snoring Surgery

It is a treatment method applied in patients with large tonsils, small tongues, or sagging soft palate problems. Before surgery can take place, it is necessary to determine what the reason that prevents the exchange of breath is. Then, when appropriate conditions are met, the surgical procedure takes place.


Diagnosis and treatment of this disease, which manifests itself as dizziness, is carried out. Nausea, tinnitus and hearing loss can also be seen with many other symptoms of this disease, which gives symptoms. Vertigo attack times may vary from person to person.


It is a method applied in patients without antihelix, which gives the ear The Shape of a fold. An incision behind the ear is to change the angle and shape of the ear. Ear reduction is also performed when necessary.


It is the name given to the lymphoid tissue located in the upper region of the nasal flesh cavity. In children aged 3-6, nasal flesh grows, causing nasal congestion, middle ear disease and sleep disorders. If the nasal flesh is at a level that closes the airway, it should be treated with surgical surgery.


This method, which is applied as tonsil surgery, is applied to those who complain of snoring and adults with snoring and tonsillitis in children over 4 years of age.

Ear Ventilation Tube

Ear tubes are applied in patients diagnosed with chronic Cetous Otitis Media, called fluid accumulation in the middle ear. In children, if necessary, it is performed together with nasal surgery.


Nasal Septum deviation surgery removes the curved bones and cartilage structure in the nose. As a result of this process, the airway opens.

Hair Transplantation

Hair shed by genetic or environmental conditions; it is the process of planting hair follicles taken from the nape and side parts on rare parts. It’s a surgical procedure. It is a permanent solution to the problem of hair loss.