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Private Expert. Dr. Ozan Ali Erdal Clinic Private Expert. Dr. Ozan Ali Erdal Clinic

Private Expert. Dr. Ozan Ali Erdal Clinic

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About “Private Expert. Dr. Ozan Ali Erdal Clinic”

Expert. Dr. Ozan Ali Erdal was born in Istanbul in 1982. Dr. Ozan Ali Erdal graduated from Vefa High School in 2000 after studying at Macka primary school. He graduated from Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine with a second degree in English Medicine. In 2007, he worked for 6 months in the Department of anatomy of Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty. In 2008, he became an assistant in the Department of Orthopedics and traumatology at Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine. He completed his residency in 2013 and started working as an orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist. Erdal, who opened his own private practice after his duties in public hospitals in 2015, continues to serve in the field of children’s orthopedics with many specialist doctors at the Istanbul children’s Orthopedics Academy of Orthopedics. He provides orthopedic treatments especially for children in his practice.


Cerebral Palsy

In a disease known as cerebral palsy, treatment is performed for irreversible damage to the brain that occurs during the period until brain development is completed. This disease can occur with symptoms that are in the process of developing the child. The diagnostic process is supported by examinations such as MRI, EMG.

Three-Dimensional Gait Analysis

It is a diagnostic method in which gait analysis is performed together with specialist doctors. It can be applied to patients of all ages from the age of 4. Analysis method can be applied for diagnosis and diagnosis in pediatric patients who walk alone. It is an analysis method that contributes to the treatment process of cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, sports injuries.

Height Extension

In cases of short stature, this method is used to increase the length of the thigh or tibia by extending it. Short leg and torso lengths are treated for congenital or hereditary reasons.

Deformity Correction

It is the treatment of deformities such as bends and deformities that occur in the bones. Knee, hip and foot deformities are studied. Knee deformities are defined as O leg or X leg.

Developmental Hip Dysplasia

It is a disease caused by innate incompatibilities in the hip joint formed by bones. All problems, from bone mismatch to hip dislocation, fall within the scope of this disease.

Perthes Disease

In this disease, which occurs in many risk factors, such as low birth weight, attention deficit and hyperactivity problem, there is a limp and limp in children’s walking. Early diagnosis is of great importance.

Hip Protective Surgery

This surgery is used in diseases that can be seen at any age from childhood to adulthood. By taking the necessary measures, it is aimed to prevent complete calcification of the hip and to protect it from prosthetic surgery.

Pes Equinovarus

This disease, known as congenital crooked feet, is more common in boys than girls. In a disease in which the sole of the foot is facing towards the leg, there is a family factor and the effect of the child’s posture in the womb.

Congenital Foot Problems

Foot problems such as Z foot (Skew Foot), accessory Navicular, congenital vertical Talus, Tarsal Coalition are observed in children. In cases where surgical treatment is required, it is performed with specialist doctors.


It is a condition in which the curves formed by novelties and bones in the foot are longitudinal on the inner side, without a curve. These anomalies with flexible flat insoles are considered normal until the age of five. Ligaments in the foot are treated by strengthening.

Spine Problems

Diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis disease, which is one of the problems of the spine, is carried out. Scoliosis disease, which can be seen at any age, is characterized as idiopathic. It is defined as curvatures that occur in the spine bone. Surgical intervention and physical therapy/ exercise methods are used in the curvature that occurs to the right or left.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries in children occur due to the fact that their tissues are prone to injury and are thin. In order to prevent these damages, sports appropriate to the age and bone structure of the child should be preferred.

Genetic Congenital Developmental Diseases

Down syndrome, Menkes Syndrome, Turner Syndrome hemophilia, osteoporosis, such as diseases seen in children are diagnosed and treated.

Neuromuscular Diseases

Neuromuscular diseases such as arthrogryposis, muscular dystrophies, Hereditary neuropathies, Gullian-Barre Syndrome are diagnosed and treated.

Spine and shoulder diseases

Treatment of spinal diseases such as scoliosis and its varieties, kyphosis and its varieties, wing scapula is performed as surgical and physical therapies.

Hip Diseases

Developmental hip dysplasia, acetabular dysplasia, Coccarthrosis, pineal shift of the femoral head, such as developing diseases of the hip joint are treated.

Knee Diseases

Knee diseases such as congenital Tibia Pseudo arthrosis, congenital Tibial hemimelia, Blount’s disease, congenital Tibial Bowing are treated.

Foot and ankle diseases

Diseases and deformities that occur in the foot and ankle, such as crooked foot, Hammer finger, Koehler disease, and claw finger, are corrected and treated.

Hand Surgery

Diseases such as spinal fractures, polydactyly, child abuse, trauma, Torus fracture are treated surgically.

Sports Surgery

Many injuries such as elbow dislocation, compression Syndrome, Apophysical fractures, knee dislocation, patella dislocation, Achilles tendinitis are treated by surgical procedures.

General Orthopedics

General orthopedic problems and diseases are examined in this unit. Orthopedic examination, newborn hip examination, inward pressing, dwarfism, spine examination, walking analysis are treated in this unit.