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Private Expert. Dr. Kaplan Baha Temizgonul Clinic Private Expert. Dr. Kaplan Baha Temizgonul Clinic

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About “Private Expert. Dr. Kaplan Baha Temizgonul Clinic”

As a General Surgery Specialist, Exp. Dr. Kaplan Baha Temizgonul was born in 1981. After medical training, the specialist doctor Temizgonul, who specialized in General Surgery, wrote a thesis on the subject of pain in Laparoscopic Surgery while performing his specialty in Bakırköy Training and Research Hospital. He has participated in many obesity surgeries and advanced laparoscopy surgery training and robotic surgery training, especially tube stomach surgeries in obesity surgery. He performed war surgery while working at Kilis State Hospital while performing his compulsory service duty. He is married. He speaks fluent English, intermediate German and beginner level Russian. He has been dealing with obesity surgery since his residency training. It provides treatment services in the field of obesity surgery and obesity treatment with a dietitian and psychologist.


Obesity Treatment

It is interested in the treatment of patients who fall into the overweight obese group with an increase in body mass index above 30. With obesity, which causes health problems, the risks of genetically contracting other diseases also increase. Many psychological problems arise, such as emotional hunger and overeating, which cause obesity. It is necessary to fall to the ideal weight by working with nutrition programs and regular exercise given by dietitian follow-up. In some cases, weight, which cannot be given only by diet and sports, may be hormonal reasons. In these cases, it is possible to fight obesity with the recommended surgical methods. Obesity treatments are performed surgically with surgical applications such as tube stomach, stomach balloon. It is performed under anesthesia with endoscopy by stomach balloon method. Since the balloon used in this method, which is made by placing a balloon in the stomach, is a substance that does not melt, it is then removed from the stomach again.

Bariatric Surgery

Weight can be lost through surgical procedures applied to patients who cannot lose weight with diet. Many methods of surgical operations, the gastric balloon gastric bypass surgery, gastric bypass, and revision surgeries, SADI-S (duodenal switch), diabetes, Transit Bipartisyon surgery, the stomach tube surgeries are performed. In these surgical operations, obesity contributes to weight loss by correcting the mechanisms that affect weight loss with revisions related to diseases of organs such as the stomach, intestines. A feeling of saturation is provided by inserting a balloon or by gastric reduction operations. Less food is eaten, creating fullness in the stomach. Since a rapid weight loss process will begin with these surgical methods, the support of a dietitian and psychologist is also provided. As the weight loss process continues, vitamin and mineral deficiency conditions are experienced. In this case, it is necessary to follow the advice of the doctors to pass the process more healthily with the medications and supplements that the specialist doctor offers in addition to the treatment.