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Delta Private Hospital

  • An equipped hospital on the Asian side

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About “Delta Private Hospital”

Delta Private Hospital, which serves in Küçükyali, a branch of FSM Medical Center, which started Health Services in Kavacik, Istanbul in 2009, offers Polyclinic and surgical treatments to patients with its services in all medical branches. Patient satisfaction is kept at the forefront with the treatment services offered with current approaches to human health. It is a health penny that has been serving 24/7 throughout the year on an area of 5000 m2 since 2000. Treatment and preventive medicine services in case of emergency, a wide range of services are offered with fully equipped units and laboratories with specialist doctors and staff. It has been registered as a Baby-Friendly Hospital by the Ministry of Health with the successful work of Obstetrics and gynecology Polyclinic. The hospital is certified with its services in ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.


Emergency Service

Emergency and outpatient treatments are performed 24/7 in the clinic, which is located in emergency medical services. After measuring vital signs such as breathing, fever, pulse and blood pressure in patients admitted to the hospital, further examinations and referrals to branches are carried out in the necessary cases.

Oral and dental health

All diseases in the field of oral and dental health are diagnosed and treated. Surgical and outpatient services are provided on many diseases and findings such as tooth extraction, tooth deficiency, orthognathic surgery.

Anesthesia and reanimation

Anesthesia procedures performed by specialist technicians and physicians are performed for healthy and painless operation and intensive care services. Local, regional and general anesthetics are applied.

Nutrition and diet

By evaluating the effects of food groups on growth and Development, weight gain, weight loss, weight protection, athlete nutrition and nutrition in diseases, a diet program with a healthy and balanced diet plan is prepared.

Brain and Neurosurgery

Diagnosis and treatment of stroke, tumor, trauma, head and neck surgical diseases, as well as brain and nerve diseases are performed. If necessary, surgical applications are performed in the operating room.


Diagnosis and treatment is carried out in diseases such as asthma, COPD, allergic diseases, tuberculosis, which are lung and airway diseases. Respiratory function tests, allergic tests are performed.

Child Health and diseases

All diseases that occur in infants and children are diagnosed and treated. Follow-up of vaccines required in infants, follow-up of growth and development, and clinical evaluations of inpatient patients are carried out.

Internal Medicine

Diseases of the digestive system, metabolic disorders, hormonal disorders, vitamin deficiencies, infectious diseases, and diabetes, cholesterol, stomach and kidney diseases are treated in this section.

Adult Intensive Care

It is a unit that tracks patients who experience partial or complete loss of function and investigates the causes of the disease. Specialist nurses and physicians are provided 24/7.

Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery

It is a clinic where surgical methods and treatments are applied in limb diseases caused by conditions such as congenital or accidental burns, restoration of organs such as the nose, breast, ear.

Physical Therapy& Rehabilitation

Diagnosis, treatment and physical therapy of diseases that occur in the muscle and movement system are performed Nov. All diseases related to the musculoskeletal system are treated Nov.

General Surgery

Stomach, pancreas, biliary tract, colon rectum surgeries, obesity and reflux surgeries, breast, endocrine diseases are diagnosed and treated surgically and medicated.

Eye Diseases

Diagnosis and treatment of refractive defects, cataract, glaucoma follow-up and surgery, retinal diseases, diabetes follow-up and surgery, pediatric eye diseases, adult eye pressure problems such as medical devices are performed with diagnosis and treatment procedures.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Gynecological examinations, pregnancy follow-up and birth, women’s health diseases, menstrual irregularities, gynecological cancers, infertility treatments are surgical and outpatient treatments performed in the unit.


All complaints about cardiovascular diseases are evaluated. Many diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart failure, Cardiological check-up heart rhythm disorders are treated and operated on.


All diseases related to ear, nose and throat, tonsil operations, sinusitis disease, deviation operations are performed in this section. Ear tube insertion, endoscopic surgeries are also performed.


Many brain and nerve diseases such as headache, dementia, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, MS, sleep problems are examined and diagnosed.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

It is a department that deals with congenital or subsequent trauma or disorders of the muscles, novelties and movement systems and joints. Fracture, dislocation, knee joint surgery, tendon repairs are performed.


X-ray, ultrasonography, color Doppler ultrasonography, mammography, computed tomography, such as radiological imaging is the imaging of diseases occurring in the inner part of the human body.

Hair Transplantation

As a result of the loss and weakening of hair tissue roots by innate genetic diseases, subsequent stress and hormonal changes, this is the part where studies and treatments are performed to fulfill hair tissues by surgical methods.


It is the department that deals with and treats kidney and stone diseases, prostate diseases and cancer, testicular cancer, circumcision process, sexual dysfunction, bladder diseases in men. Bladder and urinary tract diseases are also treated in women.

Newborn Intensive Care

Close monitoring of newborn babies is life support units, where emergency interventions are performed in critical situations. A more detailed treatment is offered under supervision with specialist pediatricians.