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Foreign Hospitals in Turkey

Foreign Hospitals in Turkey

  • 3 March 2021
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Turkey is a country which is famous for both its rich history and is home to many civilizations. It is possible to see this multicultural structure in many areas in this land, where people from many different religious and ethnic groups lived together, especially during the Ottoman Empire.

Part of this cultural heritage are hospitals built by non-Muslim people. Here are the Turkey’s foreign hospitals with an established history.

Austria St. Georges Hospital / Istanbul

Austria St. Georges Hospital / Istanbul

The story that started with the cholera epidemic that emerged in Istanbul in 1872, when two nuns from the city of Graz in Austria began to take part in treating patients near the Galata Tower, ended with the establishment of the Austrian St Georg Hospital.

The hospital hosted the first child clinical hospital in Turkey in 1893. It has been transformed into hospital with the opening of the outpatient clinic. Since the day it was founded, The hospital serving in Beyoğlu Galata welcomes the citizens of 56 different countries especially Turkey.  The hospital provides special services for international patients by providing service in 10 different languages including German, Russian, English, Arabic and French. The institution, which is among the oldest hospitals in Istanbul, has been providing uninterrupted service since its establishment. In the hospital, private health services are provided to private institutions within the scope of Social Security Institution, private insurance companies, banks and foundation funds.

The contact information of the hospital is as follows:

Bereketzade Medresesi Sok. No 7, Karakoy / Istanbul

Tel: +90.212.243 25 90 – 91

Website: https://www.sjh.com.tr/

Private Balat Jewish (Or-Ahayim) Hospital / Istanbul

Private Balat Jewish (Or-Ahayim) Hospital / Istanbul

Or-Ahayim Hospital, which means “Light of Life”, was founded in 1898 by the Ottoman Sultan II. It was established as a small health center with the decree of Abdülhamid. One of the physicians who played an important role in the history of the hospital, Atatürk’s doctor, Dr. Samuel AbravayaMarmarali. Marmaralı, who has served the Or-Ahayim Hospital for 40 years, has made a great contribution to the development of the hospital.

The Alegra Torel Geriatrics Pavilion of the hospital, whose old buildings were renovated over time, was put into service in 2005. This department, which has 30 rooms, 50 beds, Polyclinic Department, Emergency Department and analysis laboratory, is home to the latest technology devices.

The contact information of the hospital is as follows:

Hisarönü Cad. No: 45-48, Fatih / İstanbul

Tel: +90.212.524 11 56/525 89 69

Website : https://www.balathastanesi.com.tr/

Armenian-Catholic Surp Agop Hospital / Istanbul

Armenian-Catholic Surp Agop Hospital / Istanbul

Established in 1837 by the request of the Armenian Catholic community and the decree of the Ottoman Sultan Mahmut II, the hospital actively served in the First World War. The hospital, also known as Pangaltı Surp-Agop Hospital due to its location, now serves private insurance patients by the Social Security Institution.

The contact information of the hospital is as follows:

Yedi Kuyular Cad. No: 6, Elmadağ / Istanbul

Tel: +90.212.230 17 18/232 72 46

Website: http://surpagop.com/

German Hospital / Istanbul

The hospital, which was opened on Taksim Sıraselviler Street regarding as the center of Istanbul, was established in 1846 with the contributions of the D.W.V German Charity Association in Istanbul on April 6, 1846. The land and building required for the hospital was provided by the German Society of Protestant Churches. The hospital, which grew with increasing need and moved to a new location, served German sailors and Germans who came to Istanbul frequently at that time.

The hospital, which served Turkish and German soldiers injured in the war during World War I, was attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the German Federal Republic in 1973. In accordance with a protocol signed in September 1992 between Germany and Turkey, The Federal Republic of Germany transferred all its rights and possibilities of use over the German Hospital to the Istanbul Male High School Education Foundation. The hospital is currently not serving actively.

Italian Hospital / Istanbul

Italian Hospital / Istanbul

Italian Hospital is a historical hospital located in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, on the Defterdar (Italian) Slope from Tophane to Cihangir. In 1998, it was taken over by the American Hospital affiliated to the Vehbi Koç Foundation (VKV) to operate as an oncology and rehabilitation specialized hospital, but could only be officially opened on July 1, 2005 due to various problems in the following period. However, it was closed on August 15, 2006 because of continuous losses.

The Hospital, established in 1820 in Galata, Istanbul to serve Genoa seafarers, originally known as Sardinya Hospital. After the realization of the Italian Union in 1861, the hospital was renamed Italian Royal Hospital. The historical hospital, which was occupied by German soldiers during the First World War, started to serve the whole public in 1936 with the construction of a two-storey surgical building.

The hospital, which was closed for renovation in 1997, started to serve again in 2005, but was completely closed in 201.

The hospital is currently not serving actively.

MMT American Hospital / Gaziantep

MMT American Hospital / Gaziantep

MMT American Hospital, which was established in Gaziantep in 1848, was founded in memory of Azariah Smith who settled the city and  lived in Antep until his death. The hospital, which was established in 1879 with donations made by his classmates from Yale University, was named after Dr Azariah Smith Memorial Hospital at that time. In 1882, the Shepard family, who would serve the hospital for three generations, settled in the city and started serving in the hospital.

In 1905,  the building containing the current emergency service and administrative departments was built with the donation of Mrs Anna Morston from Great Britain.

After the death of Dr. Shepard in 1915, Dr. Hamilton served at the hospital for 18 years.

The hospital continues to serve its patients in Gaziantep with its impressive history, hospital rooms equipped with today’s technology and carefully selected personnel.

The contact information of the hospital is as follows:

Tepebaşı Mah. Yüksek Sokak 3 / A Şahinbey / Gaziantep

Tel: +90 342 220 02 11

Website : http://www.mmtamerikan.com/

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