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Ankara’s Most Prominent Hospitals

Ankara’s Most Prominent Hospitals

  • 12 March 2021
Turkey’s capital Ankara, having advanced hospital facilities, specialist doctors, and being the home of Turkey’s best medicine faculties made it one of Turkey’s most prominent cities in the health tourism sector. Since there are a lot of foreigners that live in Ankara for bureaucratic and commercial reasons, put Ankara in a different place regarding the international health services field. This city which welcomes patients from all around Turkey also, provides treatment for diseases that is very rare or a lot of said to be untreatable ones. This plays a critical role in making Ankara preferred by international patients in the medical health services field. Being home of the remains of old Anatolian culture as well as the Republic’s culture and history, Ankara with its unique services and facilities deserves the attention it gets. That’s why we prepared a list of Ankara’s successful and most known hospitals.

Memorial Ankara Hospital

memorial-ankara-hospital Memorial Ankara Hospital stands out for its model hospital units, its world’s health services standard, and its specialist doctor’s staff. Identified as its area’s health base, is showing its difference with its advanced technology in diagnoses and treatment units. Memorial being one of Turkey’s advanced establishments and with its 10th hospital Ankara Memorial Hospital, is entitled to being Ankara’s biggest Hospital with its 42.000 square meter closed area. The hospital has a capacity of 230 bed, 60 of which is in the intensive care units, it also provides its services with 11 surgery room and 63 polyclinics. Owning very advanced technological devices, and thanks to its 256 – slice computerized flash tomography device the radiation effect on the patients is reduced greatly. The hospital also provides its services for both foreign and national patients in the most popular fields like cardiovascular surgery, Interventional Cardiology, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Bone marrow transplantation, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Orthopedics, Brain and Nerve Surgery, and Eye diseases. The hospital which provides health services in all branches to embassies and representative offices. Also, has working agreements with domestic and foreign insurance companies and banks as well. The hospital which not only serves the patients with patients’ rooms but also, serves their relatives providing additional suites for relatives as well as specially designed rooms for patients with disabilities. For more info about the hospital: https://www.memorial.com.tr/

Acibadem Ankara Hospital

acibadem-ankara-hospital Acibadem Ankara Hospital is located in Oran which is Ankara’s most decent area; Acibadem Ankara Hospital has been serving patients since 2012. The hospital stands out for its successful staff of specialist doctors, quick adapting on technology for its health services, and serving the needs of both domestic and foreign patients. Built on closed area of 11.000 square meter, Acibadem Ankara Hospital contains 103 bed ,4 surgery rooms, and newborn intensive care unit. The hospital which provides its services in a lot of branches stands out the most in the branches of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Gynecology and Obstetrics conditions, Child Health and Diseases, General Surgery, Brain Surgery, Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases, Urology and Radiology. The hospital which has a lot of agreements with domestic and foreign insurance companies provides services that meets the needs of international patients that may occur during their trip. Acibadem Ankara Hospital is taking new steps every day to meet the needs of the patients as well as having branches for Proctology, Hair Transplantation, Mouth and Dental Health, and for Speech and Voice Disorders. For more info about the hospital: https://www.acibadem.com.tr/hastane/ankara-hastanesi/

TOBB ETU Medicine Faculty Hospital

tobb-etu-medicine-faculty-hospital Located in Cankaya one of Ankara’s central counties, is standing out for being a university hospital. The hospital welcomes foreign and domestic patients with its staff of specialist doctors and with a capacity of a 100 bed and 8 surgery rooms which makes its services very successful. The hospital with its international unit, is providing special services for the patients from all around the world and their relatives. The hospital provides services in Arabic, English, Russian, and Azerbaijanis, thus adopting an understanding that make the patients feel being home. The hospital is also, very popular for its translation and foreign language supporting staff, reserving appointments, contacting international insurance companies and support for insurance, accommodation and pickup planning, providing guide services on visa process, estimated service pricing, and preparing medical reports in the language that the patient requests. For more info about the hospital: https://hastane.etu.edu.tr/

Guven Hospital

guven-hospital Private Ankara Guven Hospital is one of Ankara’s oldest and most established hospitals, since its foundation on 1973 it has adopted a system of high – quality service. It is also known for its 1600 staff, 40.000 Square meter area, capacity of 254 bed, 12 surgery rooms and years of service culture. It is combining the experience with specialist staff as well as being located near the foreign embassies has drew the eyes of the foreigners for many years. For more info about the hospital: https://www.guven.com.tr/ To get more info on different private hospitals that is in other cities you can visit out Blog page:
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